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Herdsharing is an agreement between the farmer and  the livestock owner - the shareholder or member - through which the shareholder is able to obtain raw milk equal to the shareholder's interest in the herd. With a herd share the farmer is paid to take care of the owner's share of the livestock (share cost) and the owner may use their share of animal products as they wish, because it's partially their animal. 
An annual boarding fee cover's your animal's feed and care for the year. This system allows families who cannot keep or care for livestock themselves to enjoy fresh raw milk.  


We follow The Raw Milk Institute’s guidelines for safe processing and consumption of raw milk. Jars are provided, though you are welcome to bring your own! We ask that jars be rinsed and exchanged at your next pickup so that we may continue to provide jars for your share. 


Our girls are given ample room to roam and have clean and dry bedding areas. They have constant access to fresh local hay as well as daily turnout in their respective pastures. We practice rotational and regenerative grazing, improving our pastures each year. Our goats enjoy a large wooded area, full of hills and brush where they are allowed to be goats! Appropriate minerals are offered free-choice. Grain from the local feed mill keeps our herds healthy and in good condition. 


Our animal's health is our #1 priority. Vaccines are given prior to breeding season and boostered before kidding or calving per our veterinarian's recommendation. Medications and treatment are given as needed, and appropriate milk withdrawal times will be observed. Luckily our animals have been blessed with good genetics and stay very healthy! However, herdshare members will always be informed of any ailments or issues that may affect milk quality and availability. We believe in transparency and will always be receptive to any questions or concerns you may have.

Herdshare: What's Happening
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