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For Your Table

Locally raised livestock. No concrete. Abundant sunshine and fresh air. The ability to enjoy life as nature intended.


Pastured Poultry


Happy Bacon





Broilers rotationally grazed on pasture with supplemental feed and processed on-site. Sustainable poultry from our dual-purpose birds also available.

Berkshire/ Yorkshire hogs raised outdoors. Our piggies devour all the snacks and excess milk we can offer as well as their balanced ration. They enjoy rooting in the dirt and just being pigs!

The backyard flock loves the free-range life and arguably make some of the best eggs!

Honey produced by our wonderful bees is so delicious! Local honey is said to help alleviate allergy symptoms. True or not, this stuff is amazing!

We do not ship anything for consumption. All of the above items must be picked up directly from the farm. Get in touch for more information or to plan a visit to Cottonwood Ridge Farm.

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