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About Our Place

Cottonwood Ridge is a very small family farm located in Boonville, Indiana. Tyler and I are high school sweethearts and our passion for the outdoors brought us together. We purchased our slice of heaven in 2017 and have been growing and expanding ever since. As a child, horses, chickens, and a pair of ornery Pygmy goats were the gateway to my farming addiction.  We've continued to add to the farm, project after project, piece by piece. Mistakes and hard lessons learned followed by moments of pure joy and satisfaction. Our knowledge and feelings about sustainability and knowing where our food comes from have grown exponentially as well! We decided to start sharing our little homestead dreams with friends and family, and in 2022 created Cottonwood Ridge Farms. It amazes me every day how many kindred spirits I meet, and how many share the dream of getting back to the small family farm.  I hope my little family can provide something that inspires you and brings joy to your life!   

                                                                      - Danni

About Us: Our Farm
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